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Lopidesign.is is owned by Ístex hf.

Ístex stands for Icelandic textile. Ístex produces knitting-yarn from Icelandic wool like Plötulopa, Álafoss lopa, Bulky lopa and Létt lopa. Ístex also manufactures and sells woolen blankets, puplishes pattern books with varied designs and manufactures, vélprjónaband, textiles and carpets string band. Ístex purchase its wool directly from farmers and processes from it band. The wool is washed our washing-station located in Blönduós and is spun in a spinning band factory in Mosfellsbæ.

For further information: Icelandic textile industry hf

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Völuteigi 6, 270 Mosfellsbær Iceland istex@istex.is