800 kr.

Cardigan made of Alafosslopi.
Design: Guðrún Jónsdóttir.

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Welt is worked back and forth in
rows, body is then worked in the round to
underarms. Sleeves are worked in the
round from lower edge to underarms. Body
and sleeves are then joined and yoke is
worked in the round over entire cardigan.
Neckband and front bands are worked back
and forth in rows. The front opening is
made by sewing two rows of machine
stitching in the centre of each chain of
purl stitches centre front before cutting up
between the chains to form opening.
Body, sleeves and yoke can also be knitted
back and forth in rows. Follow charts from
right to left on knit (right side) rows, and
left to right on purl (wrong side) rows.
Knit the first and last stitch on each body
and yoke row (garter stitch) to create an
even and stable edge.

Chest: 105 109 114 118 123 cm
Length to centre front neck edge: 62 65 68 70 72 cm
Woman’s sleeve length to underarm: 41 43 43 45 45 cm
Man’s sleeve length to underarm: 46 48 48 50 50 cm

Álafosslopi - 100 g balls
M 0867 7-7-8-8-8
A 0051 2-2-2-2-3
B 0005 1-1-1-1-2
4½ mm (Old UK 7) (US 7) twin pin, 80
6 mm (Old UK 4) (US 10) twin pin, 40
cm and 80 cm.
4½ mm double pointed needles.
4½ mm (Old UK 7) (US G) crochet hook.
Stitch holders.
7-7-7-8-8 rounded buttons or 14-14-14-
16-16 flat buttons with two holes and
2(2:2:2 1/4 :2 1/4)m of narrow leather